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Massachusetts Resources

Massachusetts Office on Disability

The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD) was created in 1981 as the state advocacy agency that serves people with disabilities of all ages. MOD's primary mission is to ensure access.

Phone: (800) 322-2020 (Voice/TTY)

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)

MRC promotes dignity for individuals with disabilities through employment and independent living in the community.

Phone: 1-800-245-6543 (Voice/TDD)

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB)

MCB provides a broad array of social and rehabilitative services to all legally blind residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Phone: (617) 727-5550 or 1-800-392-6556 (TDD)

Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

MCDHH explores innovative solutions for accessible communication, identifies links to resources and supports, and becomes better prepared for current and future challenges impacting people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and late-deafened.

Phone: 1-800-249-9949 (TTY/Voice)

Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH)

The Department of Mental Health provides access to services and supports to meet the mental health needs of individuals of all ages, enabling them to live, work and participate in their communities.

Phone: 1-800-221-0053
TTY: 617-727-9842

Department of Developmental Services

The Department is dedicated to creating, in partnership with others, innovative and genuine opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to participate fully and meaningfully in, and contribute to, their communities as valued members.

Phone: (781) 894-3600

Disability Law Center

DLC is a private, non-profit organization responsible for providing protection and advocacy for the rights of Massachusetts residents with disabilities.

Phone: (617) 723-8455